Monday, May 31, 2010

Embracing my inner nanna..

Lovelies its been a little while; winter is slowly creeping in and the aircon is on holidays(yay for my power bill) and I have been snuggling into my couch and crochet my blanket that I have been for years. Seems its a slow process! I'm determined to have it done by this winter.

I also have a stack of books to read, paintings to finish and house decorating to complete. Speaking of house decorating I have started a feature wall of frames, at the moment I have some lovely illustrations and a print of a painting I have had for many years. It was a gift from my grandma, it's a gorgeous vintage print of a girl. It is signed 'Eden' and I took notice of this the other night. So, today I got googling and found a pic of the same print I have:

There is pretty limited information on this artist 'eden' , but apparently in the 60's this wide eyed girl paintings were quite popular. And there were other artists painting in a similar style, a few blogs refer to it as 'Big Eye Artists'. I am really interested to find out more about this artist and will be on the lookout for his/her work in ops shops etc.

My sister received a different girl print by eden as well (the joys of a having sister, nearly always identical presents given to us, just a different colour!), but I am not sure where it would be. We have moved a couple of times and lots of our stuff is missing, stuffed in boxes somewhere. Just recently I went home and sorted alot of it out, that's how I came across this print in the first place!

Do any of you have prints like these? From some forums I have been on, lots of people have them, just don't quite know much about the origin of them!

I can see my house now turning into a crazy kitsch collectors house, I already have a collection starting of porcelain cats and a friend bought me a holly hobbie porcelain heart candle holder. Lucky I'm allergic to cats and prefer dogs, then friends and family really would think I'm turning into a crazy cat lady at 23!


wilbs said...

well, i've embraced my status as a cat crazed lady at the tender age of 20!

good luck with your crocheting, reading, painting and decorating. x

Tilli said...

hehe I was going to add in there for you that theres nothing wrong with crazy cat ladies. ;) hehe