Friday, April 2, 2010

This where I'm blogging from...Parents are green thumbs it's safe to say
This is my retreat. :)

I'm sitting in an extremely comfy recliner at my parents house at the moment. While they are off having fun at the Byron Bay Blues Fest, I decided to come up home and make the most of their internet, dryer and food in the cupboard!

Well thats not the only reason, my mum has been hassling me for quite some time now to get stuck into boxes and boxes of stuff from a couple of times we have moved! For the last hour or so I have been reading a tissue box full of old highschool letters. My I have never read anything more hilarious! Teenage drama; all you had to worry about back then was how Reece found out I liked him, and if he was going to the Social (school dance). It has become quite clear to me now how I failed maths, each letter took place in maths class!

With each box I open I take a little walk down memory lane, some sweet, some sad and also sour. But it's nice all the same, I think memories are one of the most important things we posess.

It's a rainy old day, perfect for listening to records and nanna naps. A bit later I might raid mums red wine stash and put on some records. They have quite an impressive record collection wich I always eye off everytime I visit, wondering to myself would they ever miss that dark side of the moon. At the moment I am listening to Dr.Dogs - Fate and really enjoying it. It takes a couple of listens, but it definately has grown on me. I'm trying to put a finger on who he reminds me of, it keeps escaping me. So if your looking for something new, give them a whirl. Also an album on repeat at the moment is Vasco Era's - Lucille. So good. I had never really had a great understanding of a 'concept album' however this one really works for me. Music tells a story, but this album really takes you on a journey. 'Oh Sam' a easy favourite for me.

So, I have been thinking about this blog of mine and really want to go in a new direction, no more ramblings about nothing, I want to put more of a focus on Art and Music. I'm sure there will be alot of ramblings in here still but I want my main focus to be on my art. I have a terrible habit of saying these things and not following through, but hopefully putting this out there I will be more inclined to follow through.

This is not only applying to blog world either, I have been meaning to be more involved with art and photography in general, but it seems theres so much other stuff that just takes priority. And I have been desperately trying not to let it.

This is my plan, lets hope it will last. Now I need to stop blogging, twittering and facebooking; get out my visual diary and start doing!


jjaci said...

What a lovely day.

Ahh high school drama, I have been putting off reading a lot of the letters I got in my classes because they're all about such cringe worthy things now! Except for one, my all time favourite, which has been on my pin board for years now. It was my birthday and my friend wrote a birthday note and then we spent the rest of the class calling eachother "fish faced moles" for some reason. So I have a piece of paper proving that in great detail, hahah.

Tilli said...

haha fish faced moles, ah the things we do when we are young and silly. Yes I had a good laugh at some of the rubbish we went on about in those letters! So ridiculous!