Wednesday, March 17, 2010

wow I am a bad blogger.

I really shouldn't leave it so long.

The crazy part is so much has happened and I'm not exactly sure why I haven't posted about it!
I guess being a new home owner, working full time and trying to squeeze in a social life contributed to my absence! But I will look to make up for it!

Like I said I am in my new home, and it's amazing. I love it so. I have a bit to do, to really make it my own, but I'm getting there. Starting with an antique wardrobe I have stripped and painted white, not finished yet, but close! Will get pictures, once I have Internet at home.

So that's a start to what I have been up to, I also have found a new love for fashion. I mean it's always been there, I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was young! But I have been on a few blogs especially these two Hayley and Lady Melbourne, and have found new inspiration.
It's funny I live in a pretty small town and to me it feels a little backwards at times. So a friend of mine and I had a little discussion (while smoking a menthol cigarette and listening to the smiths, so cliche I know) about finding interesting people, ones we can relate to, and on the same level as us.I know there has to be some hiding somewhere... I see all these quirky, amazing, flamboyant, stylish, different, crazy people in cities like Sydney and wish we had some of those to shake up this town. Some days I feel like a rainbow in a town that's only shades of grey. Anyway that's all for now, and hopefully it's a start to more posts in 2010!