Thursday, October 29, 2009

22 and growing up

As much as I fight it, and as much as I believe its not going to happen, its inevitable. I am growing up. A recent 22nd birthday has made me think about that. I do realise I have years and years ahead of me, it's just that recent events have been happening in my life to make me feel particularly more grown up.

I am looking at buying a house. I am really scared yet so excited. Finally I get to leave behind messy flatmates, bond, and continuous moving. I will have a place of my own. Interior design has always been an interest of mine, and now I can finally start to think about what my house will look like! So, all week I have been busy looking for inspiration, and I have been successful. Maybe too successful, there are too many beautiful interiors of homes to aspire to! So here is my attempt to plan a scheme for my new place.

Remember in the late 80's, early 90's, when you used to listen to the Smiths all the time and I thought they were dumb? Well you were right and I was wrong and I'm sorry.

I can see it already, my place is going to end up crazy kitsch with no order. Just the way I am, and all my friends will come over and say this is so 'Tilli'.
Pictures and inspiration taken from the following wonderful websites/blogs

A wise person once said

“To be nobody but yourself in a world that's doing its best to make you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never stop fighting.” E.E.Cummings

Somedays I struggle to find my place, and think sometimes it would be easier to just fit in. Some people seem to be fighting more to stand out rather than fit in. I don't want either. I just want to be myself.