Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sometimes photo's say it better.

I am a country girl by heart, and one Saturday afternoon my best friend Penny and I went on an afternoon drive. We both love being out on the road, seeing where it takes us. Turns out it took us to a tiny little tea house which was a heritage listed building. One of the eldest buildings in QLD. We went for a 2km walk around the property, and I used my horse whispering skillz to entice 2 horses to come and say hello. They were friendly, so I took the opportunity to take a few snaps. I miss horses, and riding, so it was nice to be in the open air for a change and get away from the city.

On our walk we decided to be a little bit creative and silly. Who doesn't like a love shadow?

We continued on, and I caught site of a little white feather. I love finding little feathers, I always think they are little presents given to me by my Grandma or Nanny, to show me they are smiling down on me. It may be silly, but it puts a great big smile on my face, and I feel warm and happy.

It was such a beautiful day, and although it was such a little outing, it is one I think I will always remember.

Recapping on another adventure, is my splendour in the grass roadtrip. It has become somewhat of a tradition to attend SITG. This year in 09 making it my second. As expected there were many adventures to be had in the 5 days in Byron Bay. From a concoction of 15L goon punch to start us off every morning with stupid card games that end in semi nudity, to shenanigans at the cheeky monkey, a nightclub which is conveniently located across the road from our backpackers...

Somewhere amongst all of this there is a music festival involved! The line up which came across as a little disappointing at first, ended up being great. There are so many memories from those two days that stick out profoundly in my head.

One of them being the Flaming Lips. I had not been the biggest fan before splendour, but I can tell you they have won me over. From their opening to the very encore of 'do you realize' they left me with a little tear rolling down my face. Possibly due to the line "Do You Realize - that everyone you know Someday will die " or just being genuinely overwhelmed by the music the lights and confetti. It was mind blowing.

Some other memorable performances would be Paul Dempsey. I have always had a little crush on this dark,brooding man. But I think I fell in love further when he covered MJ'S Billie Jean and Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl. Only one of my favourite songs. I definitely had a moment. Just ask my friend who unfortunately had to witness it.

Grinspoon proved they still have it. Even after all this time. They rocked out. To put it in lame terms, but they did. I took a walk down memory lane with numbers such as 'more than you are' and the classic 'DC3X'

Unfortunately through Bloc Party, I was about to spew or faint. And the memory of their set, really isn't too clear to me. I was extremely unwell, and the crushing crowd served me no favours. I had to get out. But in my time seeing them, he preformed well. The sound seemed a bit off, maybe it was due to me being so far back. But I am still a little disappointed I missed out on the major headliner.

The next day I was feeling much brighter, seeing the white lies, and having a groove in the Jager Cube to the bag raiders was all good fun. And at the end of the night, I even had energy for more of a dance in the Tipi Forest, even though techno and dance does not sit well with me.

All in all it was another great festival, and I will be hoping to return for my 3rd in 2010 to create some more crazy memories.

I was brave and took my SLR on the second day. I am glad I did.

I was able to capture this beautiful man in all his glory.

Well that is the major adventure that happened in my absence of blog land. Now you are all caught up in the happenings of JustTilli.

Till next post.

Have a great day, not long now till the weekend!

Any grand plans yet?

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