Saturday, August 29, 2009

House Arrest

Yes that is me.

So it's the weekend, I have nothing planned, so this means a day for all things creative. One flat mate is studying and locked in her room, the other is off to play soccer, so I will have some peace and quiet. Hopefully I will get some great work done today.

During the last 2 weeks at work I have been sketching out some ideas for some bigger works, the ideas always come at the wrong time, and the inspiration at that matter. Anyway so not to put the pressure on, today will be a productive day, and hopefully I will have something to come back to put here. And start the slow progression of developing the art/photography side to my blog.

I have just put a bunch of new tunes on my Ipod - Temper Trap, Regina Spektor, Doves, Fiest, Jeff Buckley and much more music goodness, so hopefully this will give me a bit of a start. Anyways, off to have a shower, put on a pretty dress and be all inspired and productive!

Have a lovely Saturday, whatever you are up too!


I like to challenge myself by viewing work of amazing people, I get a bit jealous, and it drives me to create something amazing myself. I was recently in Byron Bay, and they have an amazing gallery there, I got too see many inspiring works, so here is the link
lots of viewing pleasures for you!

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Michael St. James said...

thanks for the link. love that gallery! Awesome blog!