Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tilli's Picks

With the arrival of the Splendour In The Grass line up this morning, I have been immersing myself in music. I have been checking out a lot of new bands of late. I got to the stage where I had nothing on my trusty ol' Ipod that I really wanted to listen to. So I got on the net and starting hunting down some new music.
I have been following this
blog for a while now and his top picks basically summed up my own! Definitely worth having a listen.

While I was delving into the big world wide web, I found some other bit's and pieces along the way like this blog. Supplying pretty and interesting things for your eyes to see.

Friday night brings me to my next point, a friend and myself will be off to see the ever so lovely Josh Pyke. I have seen a set of his when he supported the john butler trio, but not on his own tour. So it shall be lovely, to see a full set of his. I am taking along my dig SLR in hope of getting some nice shots. I have been a bit reluctant taking it anywhere, as I'm scared something bad will happen! But I realise I got it for the purpose of improving my photography skills and focusing on band/gig shoots so therefor I am taking it!

I found an amazing photographer who does exactly what I want to do! Her pics are amazing, from bands to nature (especially the Byron Bay shots) I was so happy I stubled across her work. Very talented. cybele malinowski

Below a shot of hers for josh pyke

More on the photography point Monster Children have started a project calling for photographer from all around the world to simply take a pic at exactly 3pm on Saturday. It's a really cool idea and I might even take a snap myself..(knowing me I will forget!) Thanks to lovely Daydreamlily for notifying people like me about it!

My new love, I spend way too much time here.

Images here

Have a megafantastical wednesday

Tilli with an 'i'

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thereddeer said...

Love Josh Pyke he always puts on a good show!