Monday, April 27, 2009

Things I've found

Seize The Day

everyone needs some encouragement now and then

Tired of bills and no love? Well that is soon fixed with this great idea

I am part of it, and cannot wait to receive something interesting in the mail other than car rego and a phone bill! So hop to it and start getting some love in your letterbox! Letter Bomb

Scrabble Becomes Cool

New Blog Love

Bored? Have a looksee around here, some cool things to be found.

I have started a Flickr, so stay tuned to see how that develops!

Right well thats monday done for another week thank goodness!
Hope yours went quicker than mine!

Tilli with an 'i'


Wilbs said...

cute scrabble vid.
thanks for putting me on to letterbomb. cant wait to find that bit of sunshine in my letterbox.

Holly said...

I LOVE LETTERBOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got one of the packages a few weeks ago and made me ever-so happy.

PS. I love the card with the 'cross-stitch' writing. I'm working on something very similar at the moment...all shall be revealed!!!

(ps. cheers for the following hehe)