Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm glad Mondays gone...

Yesterday was a terrible Monday
Recap : I am in the process of ironing my pants, dawdling along as I do. Until a thought enters my mind and I freeze. I realize I am already late for an important meeting! I manage to scramble together all my gear whilst telling 3 separate people on the phone that yes I will be there, and will come quicker if I can get of the phone! Amazingly I encounter little to no traffic and am there only 15 mins late! Yesss I tell myself, hoping to sneak in unseen. I grab the closest chair possible, only to realize I sat in my managers chair while he was up the front speaking. So much for thinking I was getting away with it! He came back to reclaim his chair, but sitting beside me, once he realised it had a new occupant!
Monday really sucked.

Looking back today it is funny, but I just hate those dreaded feeling of being late and possibly getting into trouble.

However I go to here fmylife and think it could be much worse, much much worse.

BUT..In more exciting happy news, I'm jetting off tomorrow for my little holiday! So I wont be blogging till next week! However it will make for a more exciting blog than this one, I promise!

Time now for a cup of tea and to get stuck into this work so I can have a carefree time away! Can't wait!

Have a Great Easter lovelies.
Eat lots of chocolate

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jess said...

lol. luv fmylife, good for a laugh.

black vanilla rose said...

Hope you have a good holiday!! Look fwd to reading your blog when you're back xx cinty

teacupsandbobbysocks said...

a little belated: but thanksyou for following my blog, miss!

and i wish you a happy easter!