Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am here

But only just.

I have lost all track of time, my head is in a whir. Today feels like a Monday, a bad Monday at that. The come down from a holiday is always so terrible. Your left wanting to be anywhere but where you started. I miss the beach, the cafe's and the shopping. I miss the 11am bottles of champagne and the spontaneous tequila shots. I do not miss the headaches.

I am too tired to function, I want to place my head on my keyboard and sleep. After over an hour flight delay last night, I am so unbelievably tired, and am unsure how I made it into work today. All I crave right now is my bed.Coffee is my companion today.

Holidays come back soon.

longer more photo filled blog soon, when my brain is not mush and my eyes a little less blurry.

Tilli with an 'i'

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Natalie said...

oh gosh. i know the feeling of being too tired to function and surviving only on coffee. AND i know the feeling of wanting to be back on vacation... uuugh! i hope you feel better soon and get lots of sleep! :)