Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Friday!

Finally Friday! And if your anything like me, you have been waiting for this day all week!

I had a great drive this morning to work, I look forward to Friday mornings to listen to Like a version on JJJ. It's like a highlight of my week! SIA was on this morning, she is so cute, I was smiling the whole way to work. She did a Temptations cover I think? It was nice anyway.

My mission tomorrow is to buy some new cd's. On my list at the moment is:

I intend to buy just these 3, but I know I will come out with 5 or so more!

I'm eagerly anticipating the new album of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's

And I found out last night that Simon and Garfunkel are touring! I would really love to go, and take my old man I think he would appreciate it. I have one of their records and have always loved their music. I wonder how ridiculously expensive tickets will be though?!

Well I hope your Friday is going quick, mine seems to be!

This is my thought of the day -

I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street; I met a man who had no feet. - Ancient Persian Saying

Tilli with an 'i'


Stepstotheleft said...

I love new CDs. The new Bob Evans comes out today and I think I will need to purchase it. It's been fature album on JJJ this week and I really like it.

black vanilla rose said...

Yay for friday!! I missed Like a version this morning but also look forward to fridays even more because of it :] hope you cd shopping goes well tomorrow xx

Joeyy-Anna said...

Hi, Your blog is really nice =)
And omg yes I've been waiting ALL week for friday. Only 3 more days of school til I can relax and sleep in!
Keep it up =) xx

Pansieberry said...

i know a woman who went to italy a few years ago and on the plane back saw an interesting man seated in front of her. "you look exactly like art garfunkel!" she said. he just smiled. it wasn't till later she found out it WAS him.
cool blog!

teacupsandbobbysocks said...

oh oh oh!

i want smoking gun!
i love angus!