Sunday, March 15, 2009

wine and red shoes

All pics by me :) for a change

I havn't been to a good gig for a while, but have been soaking myself in music as usual, buying 9 cd's on Saturday, so you can imagine what my weekend has consisted of.

Tracks that are on high rotation at the moment:
(no relation to those purchased sat)

1. Breathe Me - Sia
(I have her album 'healing is difficult') This song is far different from her usual stuff, It's really powerful to me for some reason, I get incredibly emotional listening to it.

2. Bones - Josh Pyke

Again alot different to his usual style, versatile musicians get a big tick from me.

3. Hearts a mess - gotye

What can I say, just incredible instruments and sound, with his voice to top it off

4. White rose parade - Lady of the sunshine

This album I am truly excited to get my hands on, the direction he took is surprising but I am really excited to hear more, this style suits.

5.My Girls - Animal Collective
Normally I don't really go for this style of music, something there makes me really like this track though.

6.Taper Jean Girl - Kings of leon
The now phenomenon band, I love all of their albums, especially this song, it's just too catchy to pass up. I like the older albums, the radio hasn't made me hate them. yet.

7. Basket Case - Greenday
Because its a oldie and I got the album new for $4! Yes ridiculous I know!

8. Louis Armstrong - greatest hits
I own this record and I have so much time for it. I get so consumed in his music, I am not even sure why, I just like it alot.

9. 7 days - The Butterfly Effect
Because I went through all of highschool listening to them, they were my escape and I still love them and will continue to, even though I've moved on from the more rock/metal styles. Boges voice pains me to listen to it, (in a good way) I just think his emotions rip right through you.

Thats a wrap for now, It's late I have work in the morning and nothing more to babble about.

Good night, sweet dreams.

Tilli with a 'i'


R. said...

Ah, what a pretty guitar! And I love Gotye too :)


art4friends said...

hehe, I love that book too... all those childhood memories came flooding back.

great list of songs ;)