Friday, March 13, 2009

what birds do...

yup on the bandwagon, go me.
here is mine
lets be friends so I dont look like such a NOob!

I have a ear infection and spent 2 hours to see a doctor today! It was ridiculous! And ten minutes later I am out of there! Hopefully it goes away soon, I'm sick of it! I cant even walk straight because it's making me all unbalanced!! oh well will just be resting up this weekend.

any hoo short post, but have a great weekend whatever you may be doing!

xx Tilli with an 'i'


Jacinta said...

Aw, ear infections are horrible! Feel better soon!

Everyone seems to be starting Twitters lately, I have almost been convinced to crack into my old account and add everyone, haha...what's the damn appeal?! It's like when Myspace started to become big, everyone had to have one. :P


Natalie said...

i don't have a twitter because i don't understand it! :( haha.

i hope you feel so much better, ear infections are so painful and just awful, so get better soon. :)

Tilli said...

Thanks so much ladies! I hope it goes away soon!

I know the whole twitter thing evolved at work one friday afternoon, I did it mostly to use as another procrastination tool! Im still a bit unsure about it!

Letitia said...

just saw your comment on Kelly's blog about her win for Dujour Magazine..I added you on our twitter! would love to see what kind of work you do for future features ;)

Leti @Dujour