Monday, March 30, 2009

sour milk.

Stop. Breath in. Your touch makes my head spin at the same time, all is still. I hold my breath, not daring to exhale. my lungs ache. I tilt my head to the left, thoughts screaming but so silent. I pretend that I can't still feel the heat of your fingertips. One moment felt like forever.

I found some old poems and writing from when I was younger. It's so angsty, I used to write so often. I just sort of stopped. I look back on it and I have mixed emotions.

Here are some photo's that I have taken in the last few months
, thought I would share some of my own work for a change!

My day is going incredibly slow, it started with sour milk and has not yet ended.
Once I am home, all shall be better.

Tilli with an 'i'


Ellery said...


it's the worst!!

Also, im loving those photo's. Especially the colour of that close up flower. delicious :)

Elly NaanBread

Tilli said...

yes yes boo! It said it was in date, lies all lies!