Monday, March 23, 2009

Copy Cat

Copy Cat

I am officially in love with this site, I have been on it all day! Its so great, basically pages and pages of covers that you can sort through and listen to!
I love a good cover, and this site provides so many!

I'm listing some of my favs!
Bon Iver - The Park Noah and the whale - Devil Town C
ake - War Pigs
Chris Cornell
-“Thank You”

This blog is soley dedicated to random cool things stumbled upon.

This vid relates to me so much. People are so cluele
ss about what I do! This just proves it!

A great green site!

A cereal critic? Like your cereal?

My Illustrator envy!
Love this work.

Check loads more here


Skate photographer with some nice snaps

I live so close to a skatepark and want to go down and take some pics if the guys let me! I'm way too shy though!! I really need to start using my SLR! Why am I such a wimp?

I just ate a caramel egg and feel so sick. Ah maybe it's a sign to not eat chocolate, but how can that be?

What are all of your plans for Easter, I shall be heading off to the sunshine coast for a week and staying with friends and family of the friends! Cannot wait! Definitely pics to come!

Oh and an update on my creative progress, I have been a bit rusty but can say Im back in the swing of things. Not ready to show and tell yet, but once I have something I love you will be the first to see! Oh and my scribble project should be finally done by the weekend! Yaya!

Well thats it, sorry for the lack of organisation in this blog, but thats about how my head is at the moment!

Tilli with an 'i'


Jacinta said...

The cereral blog was the ultimate in awesome, he rated my all time favorite extremely highly...and everything else, 0. haha.

For easter i'm not actually up to much, i'm off for only a week, so it will be sleep ins and homework, every now and then I will poke my boyfriend with a stick and pretend I didn't do anything.

Seems like a good idea.

Sounds like your plans are much more interesting! haha. :)

SLICE magazine said...

Love the flights one.