Thursday, February 12, 2009


Originally only jumping on to pay my late rent..oops. I couldn't help but post as I got tagged by the lovely poppy to write about 10 things about me. She put a smile on my face by saying "for her wonderful and interesting ways" she is really too cute.

So here I go, hopefully sounding interesting rather than lame.

1. I pretend to be alot braver than I actually am, I will squish the spider for you, but really I'm just as scared as you are.

2. I am super tall and fit a size 11 shoe! Finding pretty shoes can be hard! But I surprisingly am dedicated!

3. This may surprise you, but, I'm a country girl, love rodeos and driving hilux utes. But at the same time love indie music, records, fluro orange nailpolish and high heels.

4. I think I have a mixed personality disorder, I like too many different things, see above. I think it confuses people.

5. My favourite animal is a dog, I have a blue cattle dog at home at the parents, but I so desperately want one where I live...I think they are so gorgeous. Especially puppies nawwww.

6. I have an older sister who I admire. We don't see eachother often and I miss her so much, even though we're apart I feel closer to her than ever...She also gets me signed T-shirts from sneaky sound system and the screaming jets wich makes me happy!!

7. Half of my family are from NZ, I will be going over in a couple of months for my grandads 80th birthday. I have been several times when I was younger.

8. I play acoustic guitar, am self taught and hope to improve! I also try to sing, but am too shy to, and when people tell me I am a good singer, It's worse.

9. I don't go a day without listening to music. I listen to it getting ready for work, on the way to work and also with my IPOD at work. JJJ in the mornings help with my early morning commute. It's ridiculous, but music is my everything.

10. I've been white water rafting and next on the list is jumping out of a plane at the end of the year! It's going to be sort of symbolic to my best friend and I. Stay tuned, I'm sure you will see pics!!

well there you go, some random facts about me!

Now to tag some lovelies my reasons for the following, just because they are wonderful lovely littlw bloggers. :)
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Goodnight, sweetdreams

Tilli with an 'i'

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Ali-bell said...

Blue heelers are so cute, I'm jealous you have one! even if you don't get to see it all the time. I want a puppy too.... : (