Monday, February 16, 2009

Everybodies Free...

To Feel Good...

Ugh Monday ick is something I would usually say. But I am in the process of discovering the new me. The positive me. The spiritual me. The healthy me. It's somewhere , I'm just finding it.

I have been attending meetings with my nutritionist, it's once a month and I have only been once, and its great. It's made up of a group of 20 women, just like myself, all with goals similar to each other. Ultimately we want to be healthy.

I don't know what exactly happened but something shifted in my mind, and now all I can think about is good whole food. I'm not in anyway attracted to bad sugars and foods, infact the thought repulses me. It's now because I have an understanding of what that food does to my body.

In no way am I focusing on being a size 8 or image, I just want to know I am living the life I should be, as healthy as possible. This change in lifestyle is and has already improved my quality of life. I love to be active, I swim 1km every second day, and run on the days I don't swim. I feel so revitalised, and when I'm tired at night, it's because I know I have earned it. I suffer insomnia, and even with sleeping aid, I found it difficult to sleep. But now being active and using meditation at night, my sleeping has dramatically improved. And I hope for it to only get better.

Basically I just wanted to write this for all of you who feel a bit stuck in a rut, feel a bit run down and feel like your quality of life just isn't how you would like it to be. It's easy to make the change if it's something you really want, I can tell you now the results are so so worth it!

This is how I started:

1. Thought of what I really wanted out of life
(to be healthy and active as possible)
2. Re searched ways to get me there
3. Acted on it, not just thought about it
4. Belief. I believe in what I'm doing, and know its the best thing for me
5. Eat organic, as much as possible. No more toxins from bad foods, organic for me please. It can be a little difficult, however I have discovered organic buyers who deliver right to my door in my town! exciting!
6. Feel good about myself, I'm learning to love myself. This is one thing I have struggled with my whole life, one day soon I hope I will be able to tell myself that I love myself.

I make exercise an important part of my life, it's not a chore, now it's something I love doing. Running makes me feel free, swimming makes me feel great, you shut off everything around you, and you have all that for you. I do most of this with my best friend in the whole world, we are doing it all together and that helps. Having someone to motivate you, you can't let them down, its harder than just letting down yourself.

I'm re-reading this and feel as though It's come straight out of one of those terrible self help books, but I can tell you I am just a real average person making this change in my life. I have a long way to go, but making the start to the change is leading me there. If me the chocoholic can do it, trust me anyone can. I'm only in the early stages, but I know I won't be going back to my old ways.

Some things I do to keep going:

-Look at inspiring pictures, I buy womens health and its jam packed with fit people you want to aspire to

-Go to Yoga, its low intensity, helps your mind body and soul! It's not like running on a treadmill for an hour.

-Change what you do, change your routine to keep you interested.

-I rarely go to a gym, I love being outside and being in a constantly changing surrounding.

-Buy nice running clothes, I love clothes, even active clothes. Lorna Jane have some awesome stuff. By buying these clothes, it gives me motivation to get out and exercise in them!!

-I no longer make excuses, there is no excuse

-I look at exercising as a way to feel better about myself

-I look forward to seeing a change in my body as a result of my hard work

-Started to make a collage of inspiring quotes, pictures and bits and pieces, for when I have a day when I just don't want to, it will make me want to.

But that's basically it, I didn't intend for a humungo post like this, but I'm glad I did, it helped me to get it all out, like I've written my plan out, if I ever get lost Its something I can refer back to.

I don't know if this helped, maybe it did, maybe it didn'tBut I would love to think that it inspired you even in the tiniest way.

Have you loved yourself today??


Tilli with an 'i'

“Each choice we make causes a ripple effect in our lives. When things happen to us, it is the reaction we choose that can create the difference between the sorrows of our past and the joy in our future.”
-Chelle Thompson


R. said...

I no longer make excuses, there is no excuse

Very inspiring and frankly, probably what I need to hear right now. I'm glad to hear this new plan is going so well for you!


Jacinta said...

Yes it was inspiring! I really need to make changes but I keep thinking and not doing, it's just going nowhere.

I needed to read tips like that.

Great blog, hun!

newspaper-hats said...

that was beautiful!
p.s: how good is yoga, i do it in the middle of the week, perfect pick up!
i'm glad you're happy and healthy!
and thank-you for your lovely comments!