Tuesday, January 20, 2009

postcards from penny.

I needed to share with you the awesomeness that arrived in my mail.

It's by far the best postcard I have received! Sorry for the wonky scan! :)

So far today I have been to work, and came home to a nightmare of more packing! There are boxes galore! However I did dig up my old doc martins which I was excited about! I was wearing them with some denim shorts and a singlet and looked utterly ridiculous, but it made the packing somewhat entertaining as I stomped around in my boots occasionally tripping over the untied laces like a dork. (that was when I decided bare feet may be safer)

Anyhoo treasures, this is my last ever post from this house! I'm moving up in the world to a second floor flat with my own bathroom! Ah BLISS! It's going to be amazing not sharing with 3 people and the same shower! Right I have boxes starring at me and a Suitcase full of shoes that needs sitting on so I can zip it up!! hehe.

Tilli with a 'i'

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poppy said...

ooh you have docmartens you lucky duck! 'postcards from penny' sounds so pretty, like the name of a childrens book. that postcard is pretty awesome too :)