Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nearly time for my dancing shoes...


That is correct, it is Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday! Hurrah! Todays TILT. Derived from gala.

Hmm where to start...I know

* Finally being moved! I love love love the new place.

* Wine on arrival from flatmate

* Little Birdy's new song 'Brother' its rocking my socks. You can get it for FREE! here
(cannot wait for the album in May!)

*My ever growing record collection 53 now! Thanks to dad donating 50! Best dad eva!

* This idea of record frames

*Brings me to, Record album art or cover art in general. There is just so much room to work with, there are some great covers.

I'm loving Suzie Quatro shes so bad ass.

and Joan Jett

*My best friend moving here. I don't know how I have gotten by with out her, we've been friends nearly 8 years. It's like when I read on a card, you share the same soul just different bodies.

* Retro Pin ups

I love these, I think they are so glamorous, like Marilyn Monroe, she was gorgeous.

Well that's all I can think of at the moment, I'm sure more will come to me later!!!
Tilli with an 'i'


Tigerlily said...

I love retro pinups too!

Marifel said...

i love them 2... i have a few on pinup on myspace.