Monday, January 19, 2009

The beautiful people...

Some of my favorites from the collection see others here
Miu Miu here

Now I have marilyn manson in my head...not typically my music of choice, but the name of this blog seemed appropriate. Anyhoo
I feel like I'm busting at the seams with all the things I want to put in this blog! But I will TRY to keep it organised and not jam pack it with gazillions of things that have been running through my head in the last week! So recently I have been thinking about all things fashion. From the photography to the make-up to the clothes. There's a real process to it all, and lately I have been fascinated by the photography side, the last part of the process I guess. I have recently started photography myself, on a more serious level, I now own a NikonD60 SLR. Naturally I have been checking out other artists work and am in awe of some of the beautiful photography out there. Sure the clothes are pretty, make up nice, But I think it takes a certain talent to encapsulate it all into a photograph.

here's a start

see more here

I will provide links intstead of bombarding you with pictures, so your computer won't hate me.

Photography of all sorts from Mark Seliger

This site is gorgeous, lovers of all things fashion and photography should visit

Check out sophie Jarry here
Musician photography! How great would that be!!

As much as I love writing about these things, I also hate it as I get so envious of these people! And also here a blog I have only today stumbled apon she has cute quirky little drawings that I love and look forward to seeing more of 'sourgrapes'

Well that is all I can squeeze in at the moment, my net at home still has not recovered so I am writing to you via work while my collegue is home sick! Oh so scandilous I know, I'm sneaky what can I say. But I best go!
Tilli with an 'i'

p.s 2 days till my new apartment! :)
When I'm all settled I will be sure to give you an update and piccies! Yay!


poppy said...
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poppy said...

oops i just stuffed up that other comment :s. those sourgrapes drawings are so darling, & jaques olivars photography is amazing. so many visual delights! :) good luck & have fun with your new apartment, how exciting!