Wednesday, December 10, 2008

shine on you crazy diamond

I am struggling today, really needing that time away now. So I'm listening to Pink Floyd and browsing the world wide web and lots of pretties that I want! (When I'm rich and famous maybe!) So since I have the time, I decided to share my special finds with you!! lucky :)

Lets start with jewelery:

From Shonah Jewelery
peg earings
paper plane brooch
Gate necklace

Coffee Cup earings! awwww

oye modern - lovely

etsy love - birdzNbeez!

Gorgeous stuff!!

especially this!

Some yummy art from Moose

Tiffany Shafran

Some etsy love by mingus designs

Christine Lovitt

Clothes time:


a few of my faves from there

you know what time it is!

Bird key print

I want this dress

aaaand this one

My fav blog today

So I have tortured myself enough looking at all the things I want and cannot have! Sorry to inflict the same on you!!
That is all my lovlies, till another day.

Tilli with an "i"


My Egyptian Lover said...

I'll be rich and famous one day too ;)

daydream lily said...

oh thankyou for listing me as your favourite blog today :-)
love the paper plane brooch and I have some little teacup earings but they are from a tiny tea set.