Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things I love Thursday

My first things I love Thursday! Gala is such a good blogger. If you have not already, you
need to visit here on a regular basis. Gala. ok so here goes, first of the ranks is this cute kitsch mug my mum got for me. Makes having a tea in the mornings so enjoyable. hehe. I love that my mum, she sees things she knows I would like and thinks 'Tilli has to have that!'

Next is my journal I recieved for my 21st birthday. It is so precious, I write all my special things in it, the best part is the notepad is removable so I can change it around when its full!

Strawberries and cream chuppa chups!
enough said.
A boy from work bought me one today.
The choice was banana or strawberries!

I love roadtripping home to see the parents. I plug my IPod in and off I go on my 3 hour drive. I practically could drive the road blindfolded I have driven it so much! Im looking forward to a spa under the stars, soaking up sun on the beach, and drinking margaritas with my friends! perfect and well worth the drive!!!

That brings me to
my IPOD. I love love love it. I take it to work with me also to the gym and am off in my own little world. I can't imagine life without it. Not to mention a car trip without it! Best bday present!

Old photo's, I love looking back on the and remembering. Photos are just so precious.

New photos, I love taking spontaneous pics, my mac takes good spontaneous pics with crazy effects.

My Nikon slr, I have yet to master it, however very soon I wish to. I hope to take some awesome photos while at home, will keep you updated!

I am so tall so I can rarely wear high-heels let alone these! But I so so wish I could. I love love shoes. *sigh* I need to find a basketballer for a man!

I can only dream!
ok well that will have to be it for now as I have to go back my bags!

Till another day.
Tilli with an 'I'

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