Wednesday, November 19, 2008

where words fail, music speaks

oh I know one of the veronicas has it tattooed on her, but I really like the quote.

Today is my music blog. My first artist I discovered one day whilst on a holiday for my mums 50th birthday. We were going out and having dinner and a few (too many) drinks. I could hear music as we crossed the road, I could make it out to be either Neil Young or Pink Floyd. Turns out to be Floyd, one of my favorite songs, and I was instantly hooked. I needed to go in and hear more. We plonked ourselves down and I sat in awe of this singer. By far one of the most raw and beautiful voices. This guy had some serious talent. After a few sambucca shots, he was open to request, I managed to yell out Neil young. He didn't want to play him though much to my despair. The night came to an end and we left back to our motel room. The next night he was playing at the same place, so we once again went in and sat down. Not fully recovered from the sambucca I decided to take it easy and have a few baileys instead. Long story short I saw a sign promoting his new cd, and I thought I had to have it, so in the end I ended up with his cd, and music to play on the drive home the next day.

sooo here's a link to his myspace and see for yourself. Ryan Giles

Next up is Final Days Of Autumn. A band that nearly made me cry, as the lead singer happens to be out of my favorite band The Butterfly Effect, and the thought of that band ending made me sad. But both bands are still together and hopefully releasing and EP very soon. Last year late December the band came and played here with Small Mercies. Everyone was there to see small mercies and I was there to see FDOA. They were intensely good. I went by myself and couldn't have enjoyed it more. They are true performers and the cover of mad world took my breathe away. If you ever get a chance to see them, I defiantly recommend them.
Listen to them Here

Also Matt Gresham, I found the CD at my parents house I don't know how they got it, they don't even know. So I think in some strange way I was meant to find it. If you like Xavier Rudd you will fall in love will him. He has honest and real lyrics with a sound to match. You can here some of his songs here

Top 10 songs for this Wednesday
1. Our house breathing - Josh Pyke
(possibly has some of the most beautiful lyrics written.)

2. 7 days - The Butterfly Effect

3. Constant Rain - Melodyssey

(he has a distinct voice, also check out aquaplane of the old album)

4. Funeral For A Trend - British India

5. I Want You-Kings Of Leon

6. Ain't no Sunshine - Bill Withers

7. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

(enough said)

8. Bleeding All Over You - Martha Wainwright

(serious girl power here)

9. Please Mr. Postman - The Marvelettes

(just give it a go :D)

10. She's Got The Time - Newton Faulkner

(makes me smile every time)

Righteo Enjoy. I hope to see you another day.
Much Love
Tilli with an 'I'

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