Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Monday Monday

I am still in weekend mode I think, I had a great weekend up at home with my mum. We did breakfast, sat under sprinklers and just had a relaxing few days. I drove back to my house yesterday and met a big storm, it was really nice. I jumped out and took photo's, I shall post at a later date.

I'm really tired today so this will be short, but my time away inspired me in some way. I got back and decided I wanted to officially start up my freelancing and register my business name etc. Very exciting, I have a photographer that is referring clients to me, which is exciting so hopefully I will get some work soon. But in the meantime I have my day job 9-5 so that will keep me going aswell. So I will be a busy bee I imagine.

well that's all I can manage for today, this was a boring one I know, the next will be more exciting I promise.

Now I'm off to listen to the grates, I need her energy to wake me up!

Bye for now
Tilli with an 'I'

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