Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Becuase...

..This is lovely and makes me smile.

Hope it makes you smile too.


Thanks blog for making me see things in a different light; and making me smile, even after a blood test this morning. :)

I have a feeling June is going to bring great things. Lets cross our fingers and toes.


Monday, May 31, 2010

Embracing my inner nanna..

Lovelies its been a little while; winter is slowly creeping in and the aircon is on holidays(yay for my power bill) and I have been snuggling into my couch and crochet my blanket that I have been for years. Seems its a slow process! I'm determined to have it done by this winter.

I also have a stack of books to read, paintings to finish and house decorating to complete. Speaking of house decorating I have started a feature wall of frames, at the moment I have some lovely illustrations and a print of a painting I have had for many years. It was a gift from my grandma, it's a gorgeous vintage print of a girl. It is signed 'Eden' and I took notice of this the other night. So, today I got googling and found a pic of the same print I have:

There is pretty limited information on this artist 'eden' , but apparently in the 60's this wide eyed girl paintings were quite popular. And there were other artists painting in a similar style, a few blogs refer to it as 'Big Eye Artists'. I am really interested to find out more about this artist and will be on the lookout for his/her work in ops shops etc.

My sister received a different girl print by eden as well (the joys of a having sister, nearly always identical presents given to us, just a different colour!), but I am not sure where it would be. We have moved a couple of times and lots of our stuff is missing, stuffed in boxes somewhere. Just recently I went home and sorted alot of it out, that's how I came across this print in the first place!

Do any of you have prints like these? From some forums I have been on, lots of people have them, just don't quite know much about the origin of them!

I can see my house now turning into a crazy kitsch collectors house, I already have a collection starting of porcelain cats and a friend bought me a holly hobbie porcelain heart candle holder. Lucky I'm allergic to cats and prefer dogs, then friends and family really would think I'm turning into a crazy cat lady at 23!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I love mad freakin beats.

Friday, May 7, 2010

craft affair!

Painting Projects! I have been saying I will be painting and drawing more, and crocheting more and renovating more, gardening more, cooking more, reading more etc! So here is proof to all of you that I am on my way. A couple of bits and pieces of what I have been doing as of late.

Next Blog will hopefully be one to show the complete projects! But this is a start right? :)

Some paintings in progress

Jewlery box before shot

This is my old sewing box from a salvos shop for $25 (I think from memory) I saw it and had to have it, I think it will transform perfectly into a jewlery box. If you see the link below, she has done something similar to what I would love to do. Hers turned out so funky and I love the paper. So once I get some supplies and a better idea of what I want to do, this will be my next project to complete.

Click here too see --> GingerLee Makeover

So between regular life tasks, working and sleeping all of these things are keeping me busy.


Before and After

Wardrobe Revamp

I picked up an old wardrobe from a salvos store to put in my new house. I have a old Australian cottage so I have decided to stick with older furniture but still have a modern twist. My interior is red and white, so I decided to strip this back and paint it white. I soon discovered this is not as easy as it sounds. From dilemmas to brush marks showing through, to using many cans of white spray paint. I finally finished it, the result is a definite improvement. I have the mirror off as it needs new glass to be set in it, so that will be reattached later. I really needed this complete as my clothes were causing chaos in my room, so it was a tiny bit of a rush job. Eventually I will put new drawer handles on. It's not perfect, but its a good start for my first furniture revamp hobby, (I certainly learned alot that's for sure). On the weekend I will find some nice scented draw liners and I can finally organise my room!

For something different I added some hooks on the side to hold some pretty things also acting as
decoration at the same time.

I really like it against the white walls and the wooden floors, its nice and subtle which is what I wanted.
The camera seems to pick up uneven paint tones, but I have quite soft lighting in my room so it looks fine against the wall and not as shabby in the pictures!
So that's one project down, next is to tackle outside area, we are putting in gardens and a veggie garden which I am excited about. I have one garden bed in already with solar lights along my drive way wich I love, such little changes can make your place look really nice. You might be able to tell, I have turned into a real homebody!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For You

I'll tell you

what you already know

Here I go

I'll tell you

what you already know

If you love me, with all that you are.

If you love me I'll make you a star in my universe

you'll never have to go to work.

you'll spend everyday, shining your light my way.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I just want to paint

I wish to be a crazy painter.

Every now again I am overcome with a urge to paint, draw, take photo's. It doesn't happen often as it should, but it does happen. I was born to be an artist, my mother was, and since my grade 2 report card, comments have always been made about my interest in arts. This is what I do, and can't imagine doing any thing else. I guess this is why when my friend asked me if I wanted to go to semi permanent, I basically said yes without any further thought. For me especially, I need a forum like Semi P, to give me a good artistic kick up the ass.

I'm really looking forward to being there, surrounded by artistic people, feeling the vibe and hopefully soaking up some motivation to create great things. I need this as a motivation tool, to experience a little more of whats out there in the art world, and to keep my finger on the pulse. It's a little while away in June, but it gives me something to look forward to. Until then I will be saving money for airfares and a ticket.

Have I told you how much I love ghostpatrol?
I want an original for my house please. :)